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Certified Bookkeeping Specialist

Upgrade your basic bookkeeping skills. Level up to bookkeeping of taxes, partnership and corporation, and others! Increase your confidence and improve your professional profile.

Certification Program


The Certified Bookkeeping Specialist program builds on the basics of bookkeeping. The program aims to enhance and fortify the basic accounting skills of the participants. It helps assure that employers and clients that the certificate holders are equipped with the necessary knowledge, skill, experience and ethics in rendering bookkeeping services.

The CBS Program includes a study of the regular transactions encountered by business organizations. The program will help improve your mastery of accounting skills. The examination will validate your knowledge, skill and experience in bookkeeping.

The CBS Certificate validates your professional competence in bookkeeping. The certificate helps you

  • Gain confidence
  • Achieve recognition
  • Validate your bookkeeping knowledge
  • Demonstrate your competence
  • Confirm your professional ethics



  • General and Special Journal
  • General and Subsidiary Ledgers
  • Recording Business Taxes
  • Partnership Accounting
  • Corporation Accounting
  • Preparation of Trial Balance
  • Preparation of Financial Statements
  • Review for the TESDA Bookkeeping NC3 Examination*

* We only provide the review for the TESDA NC3 examination. We do not administer the TESDA Exam. You will need to take the exam in the TESDA Assessment Centers near you.

Qualified Participants

  • Graduates of bachelor’s degree in business or accounting
  • Students with at least 3 units in accounting

Program Details


7 Weeks


2-4 Hours per week


Level 1 – Practical Accounting

Delivery Mode

Online, Modular, Self-Paced

Registration Fee

P2,000  (Inclusive of online review, online examination and certification fees)

Enrollment Pre-requisite

To enroll, you must have a background in Accounting, with at least a minimum knowledge in recording journal entries and preparation of financial statements, as proven by any of the following:

  1. Completion of at least 3 units in Accounting, or
  2. Employment work involving Accounting
Study Requirements
  • Updated web browser (Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome)
  • Mobile device, laptop or desktop computer
Payment Details

    Bank Name: Philippine National Bank (PNB)
    Account Number: 2281 1010 4889
    Account Name: ICPAR, INC.

    Online Review Format

    The online review is a self-paced, study program. The participant will have a 7-week access to the Online Learning Portal where the reading materials, audio/video/interactive lessons, and quizzers are organized for your optimum study.

    ONLINE: study at your convenient time and place where you have internet access

    MODULAR: 6 modules for 6 weeks, at around 4 hours a week only.

    SELF-PACED: You can flexibly study during weekdays, weekends, evenings or any schedule that is convenient to you. Study fast or slow, as long as you finish all modules before the exam date.

    Online Examination

    The examination is conducted through a regulated online examination system.

    Examination Schedule:

    • You may choose any day and any time within the 3-day Examination Window provided for the batch.


    • Four (4) hours


    • 50 Multiple Choice Questions (50%)
    • 1 Case Problem (50%)
      Issuance of Certificate

      After passing the examination, you will receive the following copies of your certificate:

      1. Electronic copy via email
      2. Original, hard copy via courier

      Enrollment Procedures

      1. Fill up and submit online Registration Form.
      2. Deposit or transfer your payment to:
        • Bank: Philippine National Bank
        • Account Name: ICPAR INC.
        • Account Number: 228110104889
      3. Email to copies of your
        1. Diploma or TOR or certificate of grades, and
        2. Proof of payment

      After the validation of your enrollment and payment, a confirmation email within be sent to you (usually within 24 hours). The email will contain the procedures in joining the online review.

      Registration Form